At Pro Appliance, we understand that your appliances are one of the most important things in your household, and you need them working properly. When a dishwasher begins to leak, or the dryer stops drying, it can have a severe impact on your family and the routines of the household. Instead of trying to find and fix the problem yourself, which could lead to even more damages, consult with a professional appliance service technician. Markham residents have our team at Pro Appliance available to get to the root of your appliance problem, and resolve it as quick as possible.

Almost every Markham home has been outfitted with appliances that come from the country’s best manufacturers. These companies, like Whirlpool, Samsung and Maytag, have complicated machines that rely on computerized parts that are difficult to fix without a thorough background in appliance repair. Markham’s best option is to contact our professional appliance repair technicians and have their machines fixed properly the first time.

The Pro Appliance Difference

Our team at Pro Appliance are certified appliance repair specialists that have a history of success when working with at home appliances. As companies change their makes and models of appliances, we ensure that each team member has the proper training to work on these machines. The age of your broken appliance is no problem for our team, who are able to fix brand new or older machines. Similarly, there should be no worry regarding whether your appliance is gas powered or electric. We will be able to locate the problem with your machine and make sure it’s repaired, keeping an eye on what could have caused the problem and recommending any changes for continued future use.

If you’re ready to have your appliance repair needs in Markham serviced, contact our Pro Appliance team. We’ll get your appliances back in working order and ensure they’ll be reliable for the long term.