Common Reasons Your Washing Machine Is Malfunctioning

Posted By On 17-08-2022

The washing machine is one of those contemporary conveniences that make our lives so much easier—until it breaks down. If your clothes come out smelling worse than before you put them in, or if there are still stains on the fabric after a standard cycle, it's time to investigate what's wrong with the machine.

If your washing machine isn't cleaning your clothing as well as you'd like, it might be because of an operator mistake or a problem with the machine itself. Perhaps it’s time to call for appliance repair.

Here are the common reasons your washing machine isn't cleaning correctly, as well as step-by-step instructions for fixing them.

Constantly Overloading It

Your mother may have taught you to separate your darks and lights, but she may have skipped instructions on how much washing you should do during each cycle. You may believe that stuffing your washer to the gills saves you detergent, water, and time, but it makes the washer less effective.

If you overfill the washer, the garments won't be able to move about as quickly, making the machine less likely to remove dirt and filth from all surfaces. To minimize overloading, ensure the clothing isn't packed too tightly and the washing tub is just three-quarters full.

Using the Wrong Washing Setting

Surprisingly, all of the washer's buttons and settings are there for a reason. If your clothes are consistently coming out of the washing appearing soiled, the problem might be that you're using the same cycle for all of your garments—regardless of what the labels indicate.

The default setting is not always appropriate for every piece of clothes you own. Examine your clothing labels to determine which items should be cleaned alone, in small groups, or on a delicate cycle.

A Dirty Drum

When was the last time you cleaned out your washing machine's drum? If the response is "I don't recall" or "never," you may have found the source of your unkempt clothes.

Although your washer may appear to be self-cleaning due to all the detergent that goes inside, it does require deep cleaning periodically to remove all the dirt and grime that accumulates over time.

A Blocked Hose

Another reason your garments may remain dirty after washing is if your machine tub isn't emptying correctly because of an obstruction in the drain line. This can happen when you wash a high-shedding item, such as a rug, or a small object, such as a child's sock.

Detach the drain pipe and inspect it for any kinking or clogs, eliminating any that you find. Replace it if it appears worn or seriously damaged, so the washer drains better. If nothing is clearly blocking the line, remove and reconnect it—the problem might be in the drain pump filter.

Blockage in Your Pump Filter

If the washer isn't draining properly and you've determined that it's not the drain hose, your drain pump filter may be clogged. When a drain pump filter becomes clogged, it can prevent water from draining and cause mildew to grow on your garments.

Small items such as keys, jewelry, or bobby pins can get caught in the filter, but they can get so clogged that it affects the washer's function over time.


If your washing machine doesn't seem to be cleaning your clothes properly, there are a few common reasons why this might happen. If you've checked all these things and your washing machine still isn't cleaning properly, it is best to consult a professional maintenance specialist who specializes in washing machine repairs.

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