Is Your Freezer Not Freezing? Here’s Why

Posted By On 14-09-2022

It's common for your freezer to stop working, especially if you've been using it for a while. Some homeowners contend that poor upkeep or improper usage led to freezer problems. Because of this, you should read the product manual more to understand some of the freezer's parts and components. However, some issues come with the appliance’s regular wear and tear. 

A freezer that doesn’t stay cold for too long can pose various risks, such as food spoilage, food poisoning, costly repairs, and an increase in your energy bills. Therefore, you should know the most common causes of freezer problems before calling a professional appliance technician.

Here are some possible reasons your freezer doesn’t get cold enough:

User Error

When packing your freezer, you should keep a few things in mind. First, don't overload it with too many items. This can prevent air from circulating properly, leading to your freezer not getting cold enough. 

Second, make sure the door seal is tight and secure. A faulty door seal can allow cold air to escape, causing your freezer to stop working. These simple tips help ensure your freezer works properly and keeps your food cold.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are at the back of the freezer and are responsible for releasing the heat that the compressor generates. If the waves are dirty, they can't dissipate the heat properly, which causes the freezer to work harder and use more energy. In addition, a buildup of debris may cause the coils to freeze over, resulting in the freezer ceasing to function completely. 

To clean the coils, you'll need to unplug the freezer and move it away from the wall. Then, with a vacuum with a brush attachment, carefully vacuum the coils to remove any dirt and dust. Once done, you can plug the freezer back in, and it should work properly again.

Frost Build-Up

When your freezer isn't getting cold enough, there are a few potential causes. One reason is that frost has formed on the evaporator coils, which prevents them from properly absorbing heat. It's also possible that the freezer door's seal isn't functioning correctly, allowing warm air to enter and raise the temperature. 

If you suspect frost on the coils is the problem, you can try defrosting them. Start by unplugging the freezer and removing all the food. Then, open the door and use a hair dryer to melt the ice on the coils. Once the coils are clean, wipe them down with a clean cloth and dry them completely. Finally, plug the freezer back in and load it up with food.

What if Your Freezer Is Not Still Working Properly?

Let's say you've already done all the tips mentioned above. In this case, a professional appliance technician is your last resort. An experienced appliance technician can inspect your freezer for potential problems and troubleshoot them. This way, you can ensure the issue is resolved once and for all. 

Final Thoughts

Your freezer may not be chilling for several reasons. First, ensure the outlet is operational and the freezer is connected. Next, confirm the temperature setting is low enough. If the freezer is still not cooling, there may be an issue with the evaporator fan or condenser coils. Should you continue to experience problems, it's best to contact a specialist.

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