5 Warning Signs to Repair Your Electric Stove’s Cooktop

Posted By On 28-09-2022

An electrical cooktop cooks and heats different types of homemade meals. Several homeowners opt for electric stoves and cooktops thanks to their easy installation and accurate and stable temperature control when cooking.

You must ensure that every appliance in your home is always fully functional, including your stove. With the electric stove being one of your most vital home appliances, you need to repair any damages immediately. Here are five warning signs for fixing your electric stove's cooktop as soon as possible:

1. Sparking Cooktops During Activation 

Like other appliances, sparks are a primary lethal electric shock source and a clear warning sign you need to fix them immediately.

It's unusual if your electric cooktop sparks when you activate it. This is because sparks from your electric stove's cooktop indicate that you may have a problem with the heating element. Loose connections near the coil burners and excessive weight or extreme temperatures can cause sparks.

2. Trouble Adjusting Temperature 

What makes an electric cooktop attractive to several homeowners is the temperature settings. Its precise temperature control allows you to get the exact temperature for your meal. However, you can't maximize your cooktop's features if you can't control the temperature settings.

A malfunctioning infinite switch may be the culprit if you struggle to adjust the temperatures. It can also burn your burners at levels not according to your original settings and preference.

3. Uneven Food Heating 

Pots and pans from copper and aluminum heat food evenly, while copper, ceramic, and stainless steel cookware mostly scratch the cooktop's surface. At the same, pans that don't match your cooktops can also be the culprit why your food isn't heating evenly.

However, the cooktop may have an internal problem if you try different pans and your foods still cook unevenly.

4. Your Cooktop Won't Activate 

You can't use your electric stove if you can't activate the cooktop. There are different factors affecting your cooktop's activation. However, the most obvious one for an inactivated cooktop is if you don't plug it in. A faulty outlet also won't allow you to activate your cooktop.

Several modern cooktops have indicator lights that communicate your unit's temperature settings. An inactivated indicator light is a glaring sign of a defective control switch. However, you may sometimes be lucky to discover that the problem may be a faulty bulb.

5. Coil Problems 

Malfunctioning electric coil burners can also stop you from maximizing your electric cooktop. Electric coil burners are responsible for heating your pans for you to cook. The cooktop's internal ignition switch also heats the burners.

The standard coil problem is an unsteady connection between the cooktop and coils.

Keeping Your Stove’s Best Shape

At some point, our appliances will malfunction and fall apart due to frequent use and age. It can also be tricky if you try to repair your electric stove's cooktop yourself, especially if you're not an expert. Fortunately, you can prevent all of these unavoidable problems by consulting a reliable electric stove cooktop technician.

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