Top 5 Signs You Need Appliance Repair for Your Refrigerator

Posted By On 06-07-2015

The refrigerator may be one of the most important part of your kitchen. We all may have gone through a time in our lives when our trusted refrigerator bailed out on us, raising the question that of replacing your fridge with a new one. Your fridge may give simple indications of malfunctioning that go ignored. Here are the top 5 signs you need to look for in your fridge to know the right time to use appliance repair for it.

First thing to see is that the fridge is maintaining an appropriate temperature. If it is not cold enough you need to investigate the freezer as well. Cleaning of the fridge is a good option as the ice in the freezer might have covered the evaporator coil in the back unit. Also check the temperature setting. If nothing helps contact appliance repair as soon as possible as there may be an issue with your compressor or the thermostat. Again if it is too cold and your food is freezing or frosting in the fridge contact a professional to take a look at it.

Secondly, a very simple issue might cost you great damage. Check if the light in your fridge is turning on. If you have replaced the light bulb and tested the switch and it is still not working, it is a sign that you should contact your technician in an instant. The malfunctioning light may increase the heat inside the fridge, spoiling your food and putting burden on the compressor or the fan.

The third and one of the most common issues faced by refrigerators are puddles of water which stand around it. It is not only an issue of creating a mess in your kitchen but may also cause a safety concern of being electrocuted. All in all, this puddle of water is a clear sign that something is wrong with your fridge. This may be a sign that the drainage is clogged which may not be accessible in most of the models and you would need a technician to help you resolve the issue.

Fourth sign that is very clear and not deemed important in most households, is damaged door seals or gaskets. Broken seals or faulty gaskets directly affect the efficiency of the fridge and must be replaced immediately before any further problem is caused. These seals traps the cold air inside the fridge, if it is broken the fridge will need to work harder to produce more cool air which will be a burden on the compressor and might result in costing you heavily.

Fifth and lastly, easily noticeable and an immediate sign to get assistance is that your fridge is making odd noises. Anything can be wrong with your fridge as the noises can be a production of the evaporators, condensers or the fan. Faults such as these may result in a complete breakdown of the fridge. Get help as soon as you can to avoid greater damage which may result in upsetting your budget.

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